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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother and Sister

Creative Birthday Gifts for your Sister

A birthday is a special holiday in the life of every human being. If you can’t come up with some original birthday greetings for your sister, you are welcome, we have prepared several options for you.

  • Arrange delivery of her favorite flowers or desserts

You can schedule your congratulations gift delivery a few days in advance to avoid some problems. Ask your sister when she will be at home or at work that day. Make sure you write a congratulatory note to put it to the basket of flowers or sweets. You can also order the birthday girl’s favorite food to please her on her birthday.

  • Make a video gift with black and white photos

Find old photos and combine them in a slideshow, adding your sister’s favourite music.

Arrange the pictures in chronological order and add funny captions to each image. A gift video postcard can be presented at the holiday table or send in the morning on social networks.

  • Pretend that you forgot about her birthday

You can pretend, that today is a typical day. At the end of the day, plan a stunning surprise or a party. You can invite close friends of your sister to visit. Even if you find it difficult to look at your sister’s upset face, try to hold out. An unexpected surprise and a pleasant gift will instantly cheer her up.

Creative Birthday Gifts for your Brother

Elder, middle or younger- it doesn’t matter how old your brother is. Our greetings are universal.

  • Record a song

A greeting song with friends is a simple but enjoyable way to express your love to a loved one. Record a solo or group performance on camera with a real or specially made song.

  • Make a comic video

Create videos from only funny stories and funny moments. Your goal is to make the birthday boy laugh until his next birthday. Don’t be embarrassed if the video turns out to be strange and stupid in places, your brother will surely appreciate such a fun undertaking.

  • Stick balloons outside the door

One more option with balloons. While your brother is sleeping, inflate a few dozen balloons and tie them to the door of his room on the back side. As soon as the brother wakes up and open the door, balloons will spray directly on him. Choose the bright balloons with funny captions.

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