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Original Greeting Ideas for Birthday

How interesting and original can you wish a Happy Birthday

Always consider the character, habits and interests of the birthday person or birthday girl.

– One of the simple and unusual ways is congratulations in different languages. Choose languages ​​that you know yourself or the birthday person knows them.

– How about an unlimited greeting «wave»?

Buy a lot of small postcards or make small pieces of paper yourself and write funny or heartfelt congratulations on them – a festive mood for the whole day is guaranteed.

–  Make a congratulatory composition.

We offer one of the universal ways to please loved ones.

You can create a congratulatory composition from balloons and memorable photos. The easiest way to make such a surprise is to relatives or friends.

At night, while the birthday boy/girl is sleeping, inflate the balloons and glue the pre-printed photos to them.

– And for those who decided on a congratulation, but did not decide what to give – the rating of the most desirable birthday gifts:





-computers and laptops;


– jewellery;


How to wish a friend (the birthday girl) a Happy Birthday originally?

Create your own postcard

Get creative and create an unusual birthday card that reflects the personality and atmosphere of the birthday girl. Inside, write something personal that you can only talk about with a friend. If you are not planning to meet her on a holiday, send congratulations by mail in advance. A hand-made postcard is the best way to demonstrate your care and love, because you took the time to create an author’s gift.

Make a personalized greeting

Let’s remember what the birthday girl loves, what worries her and what her dreams are. Then create a collage of desires from images of your girlfriend’s real goals. Come up with an original map that will mark all your dreams. Make special empty boxes for notes – so your friend can paint over the achieved goals. Congratulations will motivate a person to fulfill all plans, which is much more useful than banal wishes of joy and happiness.

Hide the gift

Hide the gift and tie one end of a ball of thread to the surprise, and solemnly hand the other end to the birthday girl. Try to confuse it well so that the congratulation will be fun and exciting. You can make several “thread” paths at once, two of which will be false. Think carefully about the greeting quest instructions before the show starts.

How to wish a friend (the birthday boy) a Happy Birthday

One good option is to have a surprise party. But you should think everything to the last detail. Key points to plan out:

1) decorations for the holiday;

Think over the theme of the party and match it with the interests of the birthday person.

2) make a guest list;

3) choose a location;

The easiest way to party is at home, but you can go to the park or go out of town, of course, if the weather is suitable. Remember, the birthday person shouldn’t guess about anything.

4) prepare invitations and send them out;

5) think about food and drinks. Our advice is to order takeout.If you don’t want to come up with a party theme, just decorate the apartment with universal decorations:

  • Happy Birthday Garland
  • colorful balloons
  • greeting banners
  • confetti
  • Birthday Party Hats
  • Birthday Cupcake Cakes

6) Organize a Flash Mob

Make an appointment with friends in advance and come up with a simple but fun dance in honor of the birthday boy. For the playlist, select only your friend’s favorite songs.

How to wish your beloved boyfriend and man a Happy Birthday

We will tell you how unusual congratulate beloved guy or husband on his birthday.

  • Prepare gifts for the whole day

Buy lots of small but nice gifts and give them to your loved one every hour. You can think of congratulations so that each present symbolizes some significant event.

  • Indulge him with unusual dishes

Prepare a tasty dinner to remind him of your love. Another option is to hire a professional chef at home.

He will prepare original dishes for the festive table.

  • Have a home spa session

Watch YouTube tutorials videos on how to make a relaxing spa at home. Your man will definitely appreciate such a romantic and body-pleasant congratulation.

How to Say Happy Birthday ex-boyfriend in different ways

If you decide to wish your ex-boyfriend Happy Birthday, we will tell you how to do it correctly.

  • Send a postcard by mail

Consider your congratulation carefully so the ex-boyfriend does not come up himself anything superfluous. If you’re friends with your ex- boyfriend, it’s even easier – write a funny letter with good wishes.

– Make it difficult for him

If you continue to be friends with your ex, come up with a funny gift and a series of funny congratulations or wishes. Seal the gift in 10-15 layers, which he will gradually unfold one by one. Write a funny wish on each piece of paper.