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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for a Child

Creative Birthday Gifts for a Child

A beautiful birthday greeting to a son or a daughter is not an easy task. But we have some good options.

  • Record a video Birthday greeting.

You don’t know how to congratulate your child on his birthday. A video letter is a great idea.

Tell your son or daughter what they mean to you and make a soulful collage from a collection of old photos that will make kids laugh.

Turn on the energetic music, choose pictures and the right words – making such a video is not at all difficult.

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  • Create a schedule of things they love.

Turn your daughter’s or son’s Birthday into a day of fulfillment of their dreams.

Make a schedule of entertainment and pleasant events. The children will be happy. For example, write down the places where they have long wanted to go, set aside time for holiday shopping to the toy store and so on. Each stop should be a little surprise.

A birthday can last a day, a weekend, or even a whole week.

  • Make an avalanche of balloons.

How to make an exceptional birthday wish for your son or daughter? Our answer is an avalanche of balloons.

Inflate enough quantities of balloons to fill the entire room.

Let’s make a surprise while the kids are at school or asleep.

Another option is to fill the wardrobe with balloons and put the present there. In the morning, the child will open the door of a wardrobe. And will get his gift. But first of all he will have to get through the balloons.

  • Quest around the apartment in search of a gift.

Hide a birthday present somewhere in the apartment. Write some notes with riddles and hide them too. Then you should give your child only one riddle to guess the next one. When all the riddles are solved, he will receive a gift. You can accompany everything with music, different characters from your son’s toys (Let them help him search!). And, of course, get involved yourself in play!

  • Greeting from the favourite hero.

Young children love cartoon characters. Older children love TV series characters, bloggers and celebrities. Why not to wish your child a happy birthday through one of them?
Greeting from the hero of a cartoon, game or movie can be done by yourself – you need a pair of hands and the ability to work with video and audio editors. As for bloggers, youtubers and others, you have to think about it. But – don’t be afraid to ask, watch their social networks and websites.

  • Arrange a beauty salon and spa at home.

This option is more for girls, of course. Hang a card on the door: “Women‘s Day – Do Not Disturb.” And take care of yourself: a foam bath, bubblesmusic and so on. Don’t forget to make photos. After the bath, you can do beautiful hairstyles, makeup. In general, everything that mum and daughter have enough imagination for.

  • Pajama party

It can be arranged in the evening, but if you are on self-isolationdo it during the day. You can watch your favorite films, lying in bed under the covers in pajamas with tea and snacks. You can also play board games or forfeits. You can just lie down and dreamdraw your dream and figure out how to get to it!
We are always in a hurry, and there is not enough time to devote our attention to a child. Therefore, a birthday is a great occasion.

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